72. From eating low cals & burning off her food with nothing to show for it, TO a mother of 2, a business owner, AND SHE'S NEVER LOOKED BETTER - with ExPhys Karla Bosnar

Strap in for a raw & honest conversation! 


I sat down with fellow exercise physiologist Karla Bosnar. We had a beautiful conversation about Karla's journey, and her struggles with her body, food & with exercise, and how she overcame them.


Karla shares her struggles with her body image for 10 years, which lead her down a dark path of trying diet after diet, detoxes, restrictions, and 8 week challenges, gaining weight and losing it again, constantly ending back where she started, each diet becoming harder and harder to maintain, all the way up to a full blown eating disorder.


NOW, on the other side of it, she's a changed woman. She's a mother of 2 AND business owner, AND SHE'S NEVER LOOKED BETTER! Karla is a PERFECT example of just what you are capable of if you are willing to do the work!


So how did she do it? FIND OUT in this episode.

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