73. The NUMBER 1 thing that caused a Quantum Leap in my Body Composition

A few years ago I was doing ALLLL the right things with my nutrition and exercise...

I was showing up with my exercise daily

I was eating in a calorie deficit.

I was cutting out food that would undo my progress

I was skipping meals and social events out to stay on track


but STILL, I had nothing to show for it in terms of body composition results... something was missing.



That's the reason that today, when it comes to nutrition & exercise I preach a 50/50 approach. You need to be fuelling your body correctly and you need the exercise routine that tones and sculpts your body. But that's JUST 50% of it!

What's the other 50, then, you might ask?


In this episode I take you through how I learned about the other 50% the HARD way.


What it is might surprise you when you listen, because it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with my lack of willpower or discipline...but it changed the game completely for me.


...and that’s why I want to share this with you because I know for a lot of you willpower and discipline is not your problem either, and hopefully I can shed some light on something you haven't been aware of up to this point, so that it can change the game for you too!



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