74. How Overcoming my Addiction to MyFitnessPal allowed me Lose Fat & Build Muscle

I used to be ADDICTED to MyFitnessPal. 😱

I'd set my target at 1500 a day... and that was it! I HAD to reach those numbers every single day...


On the days I'd eat under 1500 I'd be SO proud and happy with myself...

but on the days I went over 1500...it was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. 🎢 I'd be DEVASTATED, and promise myself I'd restrict my calories further/eat even less the next day.


At the time I didn’t know what I was doing. Using a random calculator here, a randome piece of advice there. I was stuck in a cycle of always being a calorie deficit, because I was always trying to lose weight. 


Because I was always trying so hard to stick to a number in MFP, I completely lost touch with my body. It destroyed my relationship with food, and I started looking at food as just numbers...


In this episode I take you through my journey, and how I broke free from from my MyFitnessPal addiction, in hopes it makes you think about your own relationship with tracking, and potentially help you beat yours! ❤️



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