75. How to change your self-talk to MAXIMISE results in your body, with Psychologist Kim Edwards

In this episode I sit down with psychologist (and former client!) Kim Edwards. We had an amazing conversation about the missing piece that SO many women are missing when it comes to reaching their physique goals, which is their SELF-WORTH.


Having negative self-talk, a low self-esteem or a low self-worth a low sense of self-worth can REALLY put the brakes on your body goals more than ANY exercise or nutrition strategy ever could, and that's why in this episode we dive deep into WHY that is, as well as giving you tangible tips on how you can improve your self-talk, which in turn will help you with your body goals!

I hope this episode sheds light onto, and brings into awareness something you may not have been aware of (A.K.A. a BLIND SPOT!) that might be blocking you from reaching your body goals. 


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