76. How to put an END to bad body image days, with Sig Fisher

42% of girls are already thinking about losing weight in primary school 😱

50-70% of girls are not satisfied with certain parts of their bodies by the time they reach middle school.


How's THAT for some terrifying stats?!


I think it's safe to say poor body image is a pandemic, and culturally, and socially, especially via social media, the world is constantly perpetuating the notion of the "perfect body"...Tall, thin, big breasts, and a big butt. This image of the perfect body can be an extremely powerful, destructive force in our lives. 


That's why in this episode we are joined by the lovely Sigi. She's a seasoned health and mindset coach, and eating psychology practitioner, and been a health & fitness coach since 2014. She's an absolute wealth of knowledge, and specialises in the body image and mindset space, and so today we dive deep into body image!


  • how to improve your body image,
  • what to do when you’re stuck in a comparison loop,
  • and what to do when you’re stuck in the negative self-talk spiral,
  • how to overcome fear of weight gain, so that you can eat more and fuel your body correctly

and practical things that you can do with your nutrition, exercise and mindset starting TODAY to break free from these vicious cycles/ debilitating thought processes, and improve your body image, so that you can actually start seeing some consistent positive change in your body.


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