77. How I'm building my BEST BODY yet, in 2024, and how YOU can too!

Just because your Pilates instructor looks super lean & toned, doesn't mean that if YOU do Pilates, you will also have that body. ⬇️

Just because someone looks the way they do in that specific moment, doesn’t mean what they're currently doing is how they got there! 


This is a huge trap I see so many people fall into. You only have to take 1 look at your TikTok For You Page, or a Google search, and in 30 seconds you're already bombarded with 1000 different versions of:

“I lost weight when I started doing X"...

Whether it's pilates, "hot girl walks", hot yoga, cardio, or whatever, it's easy to start wondering:

"should I be doing this? What should I do to get the body I want?"


Chances are that NO. No it's not what you should be doing. SO that's why in this episode I break down in detail the science behind how I'm personally setting up my nutrition, exercise and mindset to build my best body in 2024, so you can get a much deeper understanding how to achieve any sort of body composition goal for YOURSELF. ALSO, it's going to show you that you DON'T have to keep dropping your calories lower and lower and lower to get the body you want, and there is a much better way! ✨


And again, just because I’m doing this doesn’t meant mean you should be doing this. The point of this episode is to show you HOW I'm achieving MY goal, so you can set up your nutrition, exercise and mindset to achieve YOURS.


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