78. The secret to nailing your exercise so that you see WEEKLY toning progress

When people don't see results with their bodies, typically the FIRST conclusion they jump to is that their NUTRITION is the problem. This might be true in some cases, but in A LOT of cases, it's actually their exercise. 


Specifically, how they STRUCTURE their exercise. And look, if you're just trying to move your body to get the health benefits of exercise, and you don't have a body goal, then this episode is NOT for you...but if you want a perky butt, a snatched waist, and toned arms, and you're:


showing up almost DAILY with your exercise and nutrition,

thinking the more exercise you do, the faster you'll reach your goals,

focused on getting sweaty fat burning workouts, and burning as many calories as you can

feeling guilty when you have a rest day,


yet you DON'T look like you work out, this episode is going to help you figure out whether your exercise is the problem, AND going to give you tangible tips you can implement that will allow you to get the most out of your exercise routine so that you ACTUALLY see results towards your toning goals 😎. 


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