79. How to ACTUALLY TONE UP your body without un-doing your progress.

There’s a HUGE misconception out there that I’ve been seeing all over my TikTok comments, and that’s that people think that:


“If you just lose weight, you’re gonna get a toned body”


I want to challenge that challenge that, because I did that! I lost 10kg and I was still not happy with my body because I STILL didn’t look TONED.


And I know this is not everyone’s goal, but for the girls want a perky butt, beautiful toned arms, and a snatched waist, you do need to be doing the right exercise and eating in the right way to achieve that.


If you just want to lose a bit of weight, feel good, and have more energy, that’s a COMPLETELY different conversation…


…but if you’re in the other boat like ME and you want your body to look a certain way, then your exercise, nutrition & mindset need to be in alignment with that.


If you’re

💪Showing up consistently exercising 5x a week and eating under 1400 calories

💪Hitting step count, always closing rings on your watch

💪Eat really well eat healthy, and always stick to your calorie targets

🫠yet you don’t look toned/ your body doesn’t reflect the effort you’re putting in


If you’re already showing up, wouldn’t you want a method that ACTUALLY works? Because for a lot of people that’s all it comes down to in the end. So in this episode, I’m going to show you how to ACTUALLY go from skinny fat to toned, and finally be freakin’ confident in your body SUSTAINABLY, ie. FOR LIFE, instead of for a couple of weeks.


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