80. What if a calorie deficit WASN’T the fastest way to reach your body goals?

What if a calorie deficit WASN’T the fastest way to reaching your body goals?


What if all this time you’ve been focusing on trying to eat low calories, and burn calories with your exercise, when that’s actually taking you FURTHER AWAY from your goals?! 😱 For some people, that is absolutely a reality!


So if you’re someone who’s thinking about food all the freaking time, then you’ve probably been:

🥬tracking every single calorie you eat, down to the last lettuce leaf,

🥬and the second you can’t track the calories (for example when you eat out) you either won’t eat it at all, OR you’ll eat it anyways, and then beat yourself up for it.


You might even be making up rules and restrictions about when you should and shouldn’t eat, like:

📉“I’ve had such a big breakfast, I should have a small lunch”

📉“I’ve already had a piece of bread for breakfast, so I can’t have any for lunch”

📉“I’ve already eaten too much today”


And you’re probably even comparing your food to other people’s saying things to yourself like:

😱“OMG how can I eat so much more than those people? I must be over-eating”


If you’re doing 1 or more of these things I’ll bet you’re still not happy with your body composition, despite your best efforts!


That’s why in this episode, we’re breaking down 8 signs you actually need to stop eating in a calorie deficit if you want to reach your body goals.


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