81. 3 BIGGEST reasons why you don't look toned, and how to fix it!

What you’re doing might not actually be in alignment with what you want your body to look like… and that’s what today’s episode is all about. The 3 BIGGEST mistakes I see when people are trying to achieve a toned physique.


So if you want to look freakin’ FIT AF, you want to build muscle, and get lean, but all the things you’re doing is driving you crazy, and you’re seeing seeing no results, especially for the amount of effort you’re putting in, and if you want toned glutes, a snatched waist, a firm lean body, and to do all of that without calorie counting so that you can actually see real sustainable change in your body, then this episode is for you.



When people don’t look like they work out, they’ll typically focus on lowering their calories, and doing more exercise, but it doesn’t work, and they get confused as to why.


They often think they need to lower their calories even MORE, but this completely destroys their relationship with food, and they start questioning everything they put in their mouth.


“Am I eating too much?” “Will eating this make me gain fat?” etc...


If you’re here you might be

📉avoiding family dinners

📉so food focused and fixated on calories

📉unable to enjoy times with friends…


…because if you don’t, you’re probably worried you might undo your progress, and you are scared you might gain weight, especially after all the hard work you put in to try to get to where you are now with your body.


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